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Birthday Wrappers

Looking for special birthday party favors?  Our personalized candy wrappers are birthday favors that everyone will love to get.  We can customize the wrappers with a photo of the guest of honor and if you don't see something that coordinates with your particular theme, let us know and we can custom design a wrapper just for you!  Everyone loves chocolate and our personalized Hershey candy bars are perfect party favors for both kids and adults!    
Click here for Adult Birthday Wrappers!

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bday001.gif (29138 bytes)
          Birthday 001

bday002.gif (30062 bytes)
 Birthday 002 

bday003.gif (26805 bytes)
Birthday 003

bday004.gif (40020 bytes)
          Birthday 004

bday005.gif (34825 bytes)
      Birthday 005

bday006.gif (26635 bytes)
   Birthday 006

bday007.gif (40423 bytes)
          Birthday 007

bday008.gif (69531 bytes)
      Birthday 008

bday009.gif (54094 bytes)
 Birthday 009

bday010.gif (56618 bytes)
          Birthday 010

bday011.gif (50569 bytes)
             Birthday 011

bday013.gif (38558 bytes)
       Birthday 012

bday014.gif (57713 bytes)
          Birthday 013

bday015.gif (33037 bytes)
               Birthday 014

bday016.gif (45511 bytes)
       Birthday 015

          Birthday 016

             Birthday 017

     Birthday 018

      Birthday 019

Birthday 020

Birthday 021



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